Launched in 2009, Intellectual Takeout has grown to become a popular refuge for rational discourse as well as challenging the intellectual and secular orthodoxies of our times. The vast majority of our readers are young Americans of Generations Y and Z.

In 2018, our 501(c)(3) non-profit entity was renamed from “Intellectual Takeout” to “Charlemagne Institute,” while maintaining the Intellectual Takeout website and social media network as a program underneath the Charlemagne umbrella. We saw the change as necessary in order to counter the cultural sea-change shaking apart America. Charlemagne Institute represents the strategic vision while Intellectual Takeout is one of several tactics we use to convey the Judeo-Christian, Greco-Roman principles and traditions of Western Civilization.

Our Work


Each day, our team writes and publishes 5-8 new articles and then shares them through social media networks like Facebook where we have nearly 700,000 followers as well as our daily digest e-mail program which has nearly 75,000 e-mail subscribers.

Intellectual Takeout covers a very wide variety of topics linking metaphysics to daily life, culture, and politics. In general, we focus on three areas:

  1. Challenging today’s cultural and secular orthodoxies,
  2. Reaffirming the Greco-Roman tradition of First Things and objective truths, and…
  3. Acknowledging the role of the Judeo-Christian tradition in shaping the values, principles, and traditions of Western Civilization.

What ITO Readers Say

Every week we receive wonderful feedback from our readers. Such notes and e-mails help us continue to hone and improve our work, while also revealing the impact it is having on the culture.

“You fill the empty soul … thank you.” - Bob L.
“I’ve been following your page for 3 years. It slowly challenged some of my beliefs. With the rise of social justice warrior culture it has provided answers after feeling betrayed by the Left for violating its own values which I grew up with. Since I’ve been left to feel increasingly crowded by these crazy ideas I have gone back to  the church to claim my Judeo-Christian roots. I want to find a wife and have a Christian family. I figured I should tell you that you reached someone because sometimes the impersonal nature of the internet can make it feel like you’re talking in to the void.” - Kai B.
“I wish to express my appreciation for your work. I read and share many of your articles… I am sure the numbers bear out the fact that there are many people like me: Readers who revisit the same article multiple times and talk about the topics among friends and relatives. You give me food for thought on subjects that I may have had a different mindset about, and you bolster topics I agree with using wisdom and data. Keep up the great work!” - Anita S.
“I just wanted to thank you for the interesting articles you bring out to the world each day, it is of high quality and gives nutrition to heart, head and soul!” - Lisa B.
“Really loving your articles. I am a homeschooler. Kids are all grown. Homeschooled them through high school and they went to the Ivy Leagues or their equivalent. I read much of what you post and re-post a lot of what you do.  Thanks much.” - Caroline Y.
“This page is now my favorite thing on Facebook. I will be suggesting it to everyone. Thank you for being awesome. I have found few people with as much depth and balance.” - Christopher H.
“Reading the posts from you all every day is as refreshing as water to a thirsty desert traveler.” – Eleanor W.
"Your page is my spirit animal." - Lex B.
“Intellectual Takeout is very thought-provoking, they bring up issues and angles that I don’t see elsewhere. Their arguments feel very thoroughly fleshed out and thought through with supportive evidence… I often think back to the days of Aristotle and classical logical thinking and reasoning and the debates they would have and Intellectual Takeout is reminiscent of that. It provides the intellectual, civil discourse that is so lacking any more in our society.” - Nate C.
“What I like about Intellectual Takeout is that it has a common-sense approach. It’s nice to see that there’s a site out there that likes to really think things through rationally. I’m not sure many places do that anymore.” – Sara S.
“Intellectual Takeout deals with deep issues, it’s exactly what it’s called. These are the issues that serious people are going to want to read. There’s nothing that’s over-sensationalized or propaganda. It’s an exclusive site for people who are serious about the world and about world issues and pondering society’s differences. That’s what I like about it.” – Annalee J.