For over four decades, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture has defended Western Civilization.

A magazine without peer, Chronicles aims to influence the influential. Nearly a third of its readers hold advanced degrees and include novelists, filmmakers, university professors, teachers, homeschooling mothers, captains of industry, government researchers, journalists, bishops, priests, and politicians.


Former presidential candidate Patrick J. Buchanan called Chronicles “the toughest, best-written, and most insightful journal in America.” One venture capitalist described Chronicles as more useful in predicting social and cultural trends than all investment newsletters combined, and a best-selling thriller writer calls Chronicles “the magazine I read first.” In March 2000, the Chicago Tribune declared, “There are few magazines as cerebral as Chronicles.”

While most opinion magazines grow stale once the candidates or policies they have backed fade away, Chronicles speaks to our time and to future generations. By examining current events from the perspectives of history, theology, literature, and philosophy, Chronicles provides a timeless magazine, the arguments in which are made with clarity, grace, and wit. When it comes to cultural and political topics of critical importance to the United States and to Western civilization, Chronicles claims unrivaled prescience.

In 2018, we are proud to announce that Chronicles joined Charlemagne Institute, immediately becoming our flagship program.

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Chronicles magazine is a monthly publication covering a wide variety of topics pertinent to the futures of America and Western Civilization. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to go deeper into the trends and understand the past and present, while having an idea of what the future holds.

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“I’ve never stopped believing that the Old Right tradition, or paleoconservatism by any other name, is the only appropriate doctrine for the right, to whatever extent the right is still concerned with social morality, a sane non-interventionist foreign policy, and the taming of the egalitarian madness that is now subverting most Western societies. In this protracted conflict, which is likely to go on for some time, we should stand for something that is worth standing for; and that something, I would argue, has to be different from virtue-signaling toward the left, heaping undeserved praise on today’s white race, or celebrating the IQ elite.”
– Paul Gottfried, Editor-in-Chief, Chronicles