William Rice

William Rice is Director of the Division of Education Programs at the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) since 2007.

Latest by William Rice in Chronicles

  • July 1989

    Pizza Etc.

    On the drive in, there's no sign saying, "Welcome to Ann Arbor, Michigan's Boom Town." But the evidence is hard to miss, especially if you've just driven from the war zone that is Detroit.

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  • November 1988

    Measured Speech

    A maritime artist I know tells me that he once met an eminent critic who claimed to have given up the brush and taken up the pen because he had won all the prizes in art school.

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  • December 1986

    The Future of Private Language

    John Ashbery is a familiar name to readers of contemporary American poetry and art criticism. He is, one might say, the poetry establishment and the art establishment woven into one.

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  • April 1986

    Utopian on the Dole

    An afternoon's reading of Bolo'Bolo by "P.M." leaves the reader wondering what the New York State Council on the Arts is doing giving public money to Columbia University to publish such books.

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  • August 1985


    Nightfall for Liberalism? Daring Moderation Mocking the Booboisie

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