William Pratt


William Pratt is a professor of English at Miami University in Ohio.

Latest by William Pratt in Chronicles

  • September 1996

    New Criticism, Old Values

    It was in 1942 that John Crowe Ransom coined the phrase "The New Criticism" by publishing a book under that title, a book about the most respected literary critics of the first half of the century, notably T.S. Eliot, LA. Richards, William Empson, Yvor Winters, and R.P. Blackmur.

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  • Andrew Lytle and the Cultivation of American Letters
    May 1994

    Andrew Lytle and the Cultivation of American Letters

    The name of Andrew Lytle should be better known than it is: he has been a distinguished novelist and author of some widely anthologized short stories; an essayist, historian, and memoirist; an editor of the Sewanee Review for many years; and a teacher of creative writing at the University of Florida and the University of Iowa.

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