William Lutz

William Lutz is managing editor of The Lone Star Report.

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  • Ask an Entrepreneur
    April 2009

    Ask an Entrepreneur

    Want to learn how the economy really works? Don’t go into academia. Get a job. I spent six years of school filling my head with fancy theories and complicated mathematics, practiced under assumptions that often don’t work in the real world. I earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in economics, but where I really learned about the economy was from my job.

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  • March 2008

    Facts? Who Needs ’Em!

    In 2006, lawmakers in the Lone Star State were horrified that a large percentage of Texas high-school graduates required remedial courses to gain the skills needed to succeed in college.

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  • Enter Stage Right
    May 2007

    Enter Stage Right

    In the past, Republican primaries in Texas were won and lost on a wide variety of issues—taxes, ties to the community, money, education, abortion, agriculture. Usually, candidates who can unite a handful of major GOP donors (most of whom own large businesses in the state) have a major advantage in the primaries.

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  • Many Children Left Behind
    September 2004

    Many Children Left Behind

    “No Child Left Behind”: That poll-tested slogan is the centerpiece of an artfully designed, meticulously implemented p.r. campaign designed to portray Texas as a hotbed of educational reform and achievement.

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