William Lind

William S. Lind is a columnist for The American Conservative and the agent for Thomas Hobbes’s novel Victoria, which is a follow-on to his earlier smash hit, Leviathan.

Latest by William Lind in Chronicles

  • Cultural Marxism Is Marxist
    November 2020

    Cultural Marxism Is Marxist

    Commonly known as political correctness or multiculturalism, cultural Marxism is an ideology that serves as a religion among America’s elites, one that condemns our traditional, Western, Judeo-Christian culture as “racist, sexist, and homophobic.”

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  • Fourth Generation War Comes to a Theater Near You
    October 2020

    Fourth Generation War Comes to a Theater Near You

    The American State is losing legitimacy and the next president can do little to restore it. People are transferring their loyalty from the State to causes like race, religion, ideology, or politics. Welcome to "Fourth Generation War."

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  • The Poison and the Antidote
    September 2017

    The Poison and the Antidote

    No historian worth his honoraria ascribes major social change to a single factor. That is ideology, not history. Nonetheless, an ideology has been and remains a large cause of America’s cultural and moral decline over the past half century.

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