William J. Quirk

Professor William J. Quirk is a professor of law at the University of South Carolina.  He has published three books: Abandoned (1989), Judicial Dictatorship (1995), and Courts & Congress: America's Unwritten Constitution (2008). He wrote an Introduction to the 2002 reprinting of Clinton Rossiter's Constitutional Dictatorship Princeton University Press (1948), the reprinting of Malcolm Jewell's Politics of Reapportionment Transaction Publishers (2010), and William J. Watkins' Divinely Anointed Judges: Restoring Popular Sovereignty (2011).

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  • June 2004

    The Fourth Choice

    If you are looking for a reason to vote for Ralph Nader, the way both parties are handling the “gay marriage” issue should give you lots of data. John Kerry, when asked his opinion of “gay marriage,” looks like a dog getting a bath, as Chris Hitchens puts it.

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  • Judicial Tyranny and Constitutional Change
    February 1998

    Judicial Tyranny and Constitutional Change

    What one man in America can decide that prisoners in South Carolina need croquet fields and backgammon tournaments and order the state to provide them?

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  • April 1997

    The Earth Belongs to the Living

    The President and Congress have both promised us a balanced budget in the year 2002. The debt, at that time, will be somewhere between six and seven trillion dollars, which, assuming a seven percent interest rate, will cost close to $450 billion a year in interest.

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  • A 28th Amendment
    July 1996

    A 28th Amendment

    How different this country would be if we had a 28th Amendment which read: "An amendment approved by the legislatures of three-fourths of the States shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this Constitution."

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  • Legal Insanity
    August 1995

    Legal Insanity

    A society governed by the judiciary—rather than by the will of the majority—displays odd characteristics. On July 29, 1994, a seven-year-old girl in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, was sexually assaulted and murdered.

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  • Angels to Govern Us
    March 1995

    Angels to Govern Us

    "If men were angels," James Madison wrote, "no government would be necessary." Or, "if angels were to govern men, no controls on government would be necessary." Madison believed that men are about as good as they can ever be, and since no angels are available to rule, we need checks and balances.

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  • The Homeless Majority
    November 1992

    The Homeless Majority

    The middle-class revolt of 1992 is an angry rebellion against America's 25-year experiment with nondemocratic government. Around the mid-1960's, both political parties abandoned the average American, but for different reasons.

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Results: 47 Articles found.