William Baldwin

William Baldwin is the author of The Fennel Family Papers.

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  • June 1996

    At Loggerheads

    The Endangered Species Act is a controversial directive. The snail darter and spotted owl have gleaned no end of headlines, having been used to justify the preservation of huge areas of habitat.

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  • Short Constructions
    February 1994

    Short Constructions

    You don't have to read far into the story collection Thief of Lives before John Cheever's name comes to mind, but after so many years of writing, Kit Reed must be used to that comparison.

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  • January 1993

    Family, Films, and Fallacy

    There's something about a book sale. The blood quickens, the nostrils flare, the eyes narrow. Anyway, it's for a good cause. The "Friends of the Library" are putting it on, and somewhere among those one hundred thousand used books is at least one of value.

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  • October 1992

    Columbus in Columbia

    The American Indians are on the warpath and with good reason, it would seem. For at least two hundred years their grave sites have been desecrated simply to satisfy the curiosity of the White Man.

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  • July 1991

    The Art of Turnip Truckdom

    I'll take my stand. There are a lot of topics around—collapsing savings and loans, collapsing universes, donkey basketball—on which I have skillfully walked the rail or else mumbled "no comment" while hiding my face behind a raised lapel.

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  • December 1990

    A Year After Hugo

    A year after Hugo: the Good Morning America helicopter made several passes over the creek today in preparation for the "one year anniversary of Hurricane Hugo" programming that was aired in September.

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Results: 6 Articles found.