William A. Donohue

William A. Donohue is president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in New York City.

Latest by William A. Donohue in Chronicles

  • The Last Respectable Bias
    December 1997

    The Last Respectable Bias

    The anti-Catholicism that marked our nation's founding was directed at both individual Catholics and the institutional Church. Somewhat later, it became colored by an anti-Irish impulse.

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  • March 1989

    A More Perfect Union

    In Pursuit is a philosophical exegesis on what is wrong with contemporary social policy analysis. In some ways it is a sequel to Murray's Losing Ground, having much in common with Part IV (Rethinking Social Policy) of that influential book.

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  • Beyond Moral Equivalency
    January 1989

    Beyond Moral Equivalency

    Jeane Kirkpatrick has given us two useful ways to think about that segment of the American intelligentsia that continuously finds fault with virtually everything this country does: they are the "blame America first" crowd and the believers in "moral equivalency."

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  • January 1987

    The Un-Civil Liberties Union

    When I undertook a study of the ACLU, I had no idea that the politics surrounding my investigation would prove to be as revealing as the research itself. Maybe more so.

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  • April 1986

    Uncivil Rights

    The best way to corrupt a value is to maximize it. That is one of the fundamental lessons of liberalism in the postwar period. Take rights. Push one person's rights too far and the result is the emasculation of someone else's rights.

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