Will Morrisey

Will Morrisey is the author of Reflections on De Gaulle (University Press of America). 

Latest by Will Morrisey in Chronicles

  • Between Auschwitz and Armageddon
    December 1985

    Between Auschwitz and Armageddon

    Most nations know all too clearly what they believe about Jews. Americans are less sure. This beneficial uncertainty inheres in the two major traditions that shape American souls: Christianity and modern political philosophy.

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  • De Gaulle: Man With a Chest
    March 1985

    De Gaulle: Man With a Chest

    "The Courage we desire and prize is not the Courage to die decently, but to live manfully. This, when by God's grace it has been given, lies deep in the soul; like genial heat, fosters all other virtues and gifts; without it they could not live." - Thomas Carlyle

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  • Finer Fleet of Clay
    September 1984

    Finer Fleet of Clay

    Throughout their careers, Singer and Malamud have served as careful diagnosticians, not merely as makers of refined entertainments.

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  • Consequences of Misused Terminology
    June 1984

    Consequences of Misused Terminology

    The authors identify "the first reĀ­corded reference to Jews in non-Jewish sources" as a report an Egyptian king caused to be written 1200 years before Christ.

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  • January 1984

    Bouillabaisse by Ear

    Denis MacShane: Francois Mitterrand: A Political Odyssey; Universe Books; New York.

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