Dr. Wayne M. Sarf

Dr. Wayne M. Sarf is coeditor of the quarterly Custer/Little Bighorn Battlefield advocate and the author of The Little Bighorn Campaign, March-September 1876 and God Bless You, Buffalo Bill: A Layman’s Guide to History and the Western Film.

Latest by Dr. Wayne M. Sarf in Chronicles

  • <em>Los Diablos Tejanos</em>
    November 2002

    Los Diablos Tejanos

    A Texas Ranger, it was famously claimed, “can ride like a Mexican, trail like an Indian, shoot like a Tennessean, and fight like a very devil.” These days, such a bland presumption of ethnic attributes would merit a visit from the Sensitivity Police.

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  • November 1988

    Wings of the Navy

    Technology can exalt as well as dwarf the individual. The Great War's machine guns staged a chattering pageant of impersonal slaughter; yet its warplanes brought forth paladins such as Frank Luke, Billy Bishop, and Baron von Richtofen, their decidedly individualistic exploits providing civilian newspaper readers with a pleasant contrast to the muddy anonymity of trench warfare.

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  • February 1988

    Sterile Prairie

    It has been said that an intellectual is someone who can listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger. But the life of the mind hardly requires that William and Henry, rather than Frank and Jesse, first spring to mind should "the James brothers" be mentioned; nor is it inconsistent with "popular" culture or such "romantic" Western subjects as Indian warfare or frontier crime.

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