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Wayne Lutton is associate editor of The Social Contract.

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  • June 1996

    U.S.A.: The Global Commons

    Roper's February polling of Americans reveals a clear consensus against high levels of immigration. Eighty-three percent favor a lower level of immigration than the current average of over a million a year, and some 70 percent support a level of immigration below 300.000 per year.

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  • Talk of the Town
    August 1994

    Talk of the Town

    Many black Americans are convinced that they are the targets of a vast array of white-authored schemes designed to spike their food with contraceptives; force them to engage in self-destructive behavior, especially drug addiction; and kill them, to use their bodies for medical experiments or out of simple malice.

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  • Crossroads America
    June 1993

    Crossroads America

    Although preelection polls indicated that likely voters would favor candidates who supported immigration control, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ross Perot did not consider the issue worth mentioning during the recent presidential contest.

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  • Classic Colonialism
    March 1993

    Classic Colonialism

    Almost alone among the peoples of the world, the United States has largely been spared—at least until recently—the bitter conflicts that plague countries whose citizens do not share a common language.

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  • Unfortunate Majorities
    December 1990

    Unfortunate Majorities

    Twenty-two years ago Paul Ehrlich published The Population Bomb. In an effort to dramatize his thesis, he included a number of scenarios about the future. These tended to obscure the thrust of his work, for many viewed them as predictions.

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  • Edward Abbey: R.I.P.
    June 1990

    Edward Abbey: R.I.P.

    With the death of Edward Abbey, aged 62, in March of last year, the Western portion of what once was really the United States lost her greatest defender of the post-World War II era.

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  • No Relief
    March 1990

    No Relief

    How greatly the terms of our national debate have changed since Goldwater's book first appeared thirty years ago. Today, foreign aid is a sacred cow that enjoys the unstinting support of the Democrats and many—probably including almost all elected—conservative Republicans.

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  • One, Two, Many Colombias
    December 1989

    One, Two, Many Colombias

    Great Britain's decision to transfer control of Hong Kong to Communist China by 1997 has spurred a flight from the colony. Despite reassurances from Beijing, money is flowing out of Hong Kong at an accelerating rate.

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  • September 1988

    AIDing Society: Private Vice Versus Public Health

    Until recently, the United States has enjoyed unquestioned success in public health. Diseases once common have all but vanished with improvements in sanitation and personal hygiene.

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  • The Silent Invasion
    August 1987

    The Silent Invasion

    Last year the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) apprehended 1.8 million illegal aliens along our southern border—less than half the number who tried to enter.

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