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Wayne Allensworth is a corresponding editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood. He writes at American Remnant

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  • A Case of Russophobia
    July 2008

    A Case of Russophobia

    John McCain does not like the Russians. Nearly 17 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, with Soviet-style communism safely tossed into the dustbin of history, Senator McCain loves to scare us with the Russkie boogeyman.

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  • Anarcho-Tyranny in Action
    July 2008

    Anarcho-Tyranny in Action

    In a recent column, Chuck Baldwin (lately nominated as the Constitution Party’s presidential candidate) pointed to something ominous that was largely ignored in the media reporting on the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal.

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  • May 2008

    Something Big

    We passed the hand warmer around on a cold day in December. Matthew, my 11-year-old son, got creative and stuck the thing in his shoe. Rachel, who was spotting for us, didn’t like it much, but she used the hand warmer anyway. It was that cold; our fingers and toes burned.

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  • Georgians In Londonistan

    In February, when 52-year-old Georgian billionaire and political exile Badri Patarkatsishvili died at his Surrey mansion, British media wondered if this might be a Georgian version of the Litvinenko affair.

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  • December 2007

    A Crackdown On Christians

    Nursultan Nazarbayev’s regime in Kazakhstan, a recipient of U.S. foreign-aid funds, is cracking down on religious groups it disapproves of, as the congregations associated with Grace Presbyterian Church discovered firsthand this past August, when the KNB (the Kazakh successor to the Soviet-era KGB) raided churches in Karaganda and Oskemen.

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  • October 2007

    The Day of Conception

    In Russia’s Ulyanovsk region, the birthplace of Lenin, the regional government has declared September 12 the “Day of Conception,” throwing in a promise of time off work for couples striving to make that day a success.

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  • August 2007

    Children of a Lesser God?

    The plight of Iraq’s Christian community—as followers of the Prince of Peace flee from the country they have lived in since ancient times, their homes and churches burned, their children kidnapped and raped, their priests murdered—has elicited barely any reaction from either the White House or the Muslim government it supports.

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  • July 2007

    Well Into Spring, Even With Snow

    A white-haired pastor, a white church, a white field. The snow is falling, with the wind and the speed of the car creating the illusion of a blizzard on a spring day in Texas. Tomorrow will be Easter Sunday.

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  • Our Terror Sanctuary

    The “Fort Dix Six” may not be the smartest group of would-be jihadists we have seen, but their story should tell us something about how lax immigration and border-security policies put this country at risk.

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  • The Yuma Amnesty Files

    President Bush was back in Yuma, Arizona, in early April, one year after making promises to secure the border in exchange for a “comprehensive” immigration-reform bill that would increase legal immigration, open the door for up to 20 million illegal aliens to remain in the United States, and encourage yet another surge of illegal aliens to enter the United States and wait for the next amnesty.

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  • May 2007

    No Country for Honorable Men: The Prosecution of the “Border Patrol Two”

    The prosecution of, and harsh sentences meted out to, two Border Patrol agents involved in a shooting incident at the Texas-Mexico border tell us all we really need to know about the Bush administration’s plans to erase U.S. borders once and for all.

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  • Iraq as “Intelligence Failure”: We Told You So
    March 2007

    Iraq as “Intelligence Failure”: We Told You So

    “W,” a.k.a. “our Commander in Chief,” is apparently even more blindly stubborn and willfully ignorant than I had thought. As of this writing (December 2006), he is still distancing himself from the Iraq Study Group’s efforts to provide him cover for a withdrawal from the Middle East morass he has drawn us into.

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  • March 2007

    Goodbye, Mr. Bond

    It is with great trepidation and some sadness that I must announce that James Bond is dead. Granted, there is a capable actor named Daniel Craig playing a character named James Bond in Casino Royale, the 21st “official” picture in the series, but there are major problems with the film.

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  • Islam, Immigration, and the Alienists Among Us
    November 2006

    Islam, Immigration, and the Alienists Among Us

    Muslim militants, hoping to dodge any future profiling, are reportedly seeking out native-born Americans to do their dirty work. At the same time, an alarming number of Islamic converts are black Americans.

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  • October 2006

    A Broad Path to Destruction

    Public and private interests are joining forces to build a massive transportation “corridor” through the middle of Texas—threatening property rights, wildlife, and the historic landscape of the Lone Star State.

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  • September 2006

    Influx of Illegal Aliens

    The European Union will set up rapid-reaction teams to deal with an increasing flood of illegal African immigrants on Europe’s southern flank.

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  • August 2006

    Russia’s Demographic Crisis

    On May 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin surprised his audience during his annual address to the Federal Assembly. Most of his hour-long speech had gone as expected: He spoke on economics, technological innovation, and the need to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

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  • July 2006

    The Fire Next Time (A Message to Culture Warriors)

    Houston now has a professional soccer team, which is not something I’m especially excited about. The team’s initial moniker, however, apparently got a rise out of the Bayou City’s “Latino” residents, many of whom, we are told, “only came here to work.”

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  • "October Surprise"

    The Bush administration could be cooking up an “October surprise”—an attack on Iran—to boost the lagging fortunes of the President and the Republican Party, according to a recent editorial by Patrick J. Buchanan.

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  • Christians in Iraq

    Christians in Iraq have faced continuous attacks since the U.S. invasion. On January 29, three people died and more than twenty were injured when bombers targeted six churches in coordinated attacks in Baghdad and Kirkuk as Sunday evening services ended.

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