Virginia Deane Abernethy

Virginia Deane Abernethy is the author of Population Politics (reprinted in 1999). Citations for the data from the 1970’s may be found in her book, Population Pressure and Cultural Adjustment (1979).

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  • March 2004

    Homosexuality, In the Cards

    Homosexuality is either genetically or environmentally determined. Environmental influences are either intrauterine or postnatal. Behold the universe of possibilities!

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  • November 2001

    "This Land Is My Land"

    The pressures that swelling populations exert against natural resources often increase economic inequality. Fortunately, unequally distributed wealth and power can result in forms of ownership that achieve environmental protection—for example, the arrangements of Colombian ranchers in the province of Cordoba.

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  • August 2000

    Immigration Misinformation

    The debate over immigration policy has been marked by inaccurate reporting in an astonishing number of instances.

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  • Great Expectations
    June 2000

    Great Expectations

    Foreign aid, like other forms of aid, is a subsidy that distorts choice. The distortion takes many forms; for example, aid is sometimes put to uses unintended by the giver; it also lets the recipient pursue activities below their real cost.

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  • Family Formation in America
    May 1999

    Family Formation in America

    Parents, some say, are people who use the rhythm method of family planning. One might better say that parents are optimists, people who think that the present is good and the future probably better.

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  • October 1998

    Why Asian Population Growth Is Grinding Down

    Asia's currencies will not be the only things plummeting. Look next for a decline in fertility rates (the number of births per woman) in the countries affected by Asia's financial meltdown.

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  • The Cost of Madness
    April 1998

    The Cost of Madness

    This compendium on immigration by editors of the National Research Council (NRC) includes the work of 14 scholars, among them economists, demographers, and sociologists.

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  • September 1994

    The Stuff of Nightmares

    Military involvement in Haiti is the stuff of nightmares. In comparison, the oil and arms blockade, reinforcements in the Dominican Republic, and sanctions against commercial airline traffic from Port-au-Prince occasion mere despair.

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  • October 1993

    Jobs, Politics, and Immigration

    Unemployment and underemployment are trends becoming more noticeable as the 20th century draws to a close. Eighteen million new jobs were created in the United States during the expansionary 1980's, but, ominously, structural unemployment was still redefined upward from 4.5 percent to 5.5 percent of the work force.

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  • December 1991

    Taking Root

    Captain Thomas Santorno, who aspired to be chief of the San Francisco Fire Department, recently achieved fame, or notoriety, when he claimed that he legitimately changed his self-identification from Gaucasian (his father) to Hispanic (his mother).

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Results: 10 Articles found.