V. Groginsky

V. Groginsky writes from Mexico City.

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  • Poor Little Victim
    April 2005

    Poor Little Victim

    An untimely cold finally gave me a chance to watch The Godfather (I and II)—30 years late, but just in time for fitting juxtapositions. I spent my down time sleeping, reading news about Mexico’s ongoing narco-cartel bloodbath, and reviewing former U.S. Amb.

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  • Portrait of a Failed Society
    July 2004

    Portrait of a Failed Society

    To paraphrase one observer of Albanians, “Mexico is not a society with corruption; Mexico is a corrupt society.”

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  • Open Roads to Nowhere
    March 2004

    Open Roads to Nowhere

    SLOW TRAFFIC RIGHT LANE. It is a simple concept if you are literate and socially conscious. Consideration for others, however—the idea that you are not alone in the world and that it does not belong exclusively to you—is not an inborn value, but one taught by family and society.

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  • Tangerine Dreams
    November 2003

    Tangerine Dreams

    Behind the recent headlines here in Mexico of massive peasant protests, blocked highways and international crossings, and demands for NAFTA treaty renegotiation lay a few facts about incompetence, corruption, and inefficiency.

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  • October 2002

    South of the Border

    After decades of outward socio-cultural differences and political animosity, North America’s two United States—north and south of the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo—are becoming more socially homogenous than some would care to admit.

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