Tom Jenney

Tom Jenney is a freelance writer living in Arlington, Virginia.

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  • September 2001

    Living in a Glass House

    In January of last year, Chilean actress Danielle Tobar made international news by moving into a glass house in downtown Santiago. During the short course of "Project Nautilus," the intimate details of her daily life were open to the (largely prurient) curiosity of onlookers.

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  • October 1999

    Easter in Palestine

    "Welcome to the world's largest open-air prison." That was how Tom Getman, the Israel country director for World Vision, introduced us to life in the Gaza Strip.

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  • October 1996

    The Naked Frontier

    In order to do research for a novel, I spent January and February of this year in Chile, thereby avoiding a particularly bitter winter in Washington, D.C. My intention was to pass most of my time in Santiago and spend only a couple of weeks touring the South.

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