Tibor R. Machan

Tibor R. Machan (1939-2016) was a Hungarian-American philosopher. 

Latest by Tibor R. Machan in Chronicles

  • August 1989

    Glasnost in Chile?

    Glasnost in Chile? Pinochet is getting no credit for it. Yet at the same time General Secretary (and now also President) Gorbachev's policies are being hailed as major breakthroughs, departures from the previous (Brezhnev) era.

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  • June 1989

    Dr. Koop on Life, Liberty, and a 'Smoke-Free' America

    Recently the Tobacco Institute, a lobbying outfit pleading the case for the tobacco industry, has been placing ads in numerous publications complaining about the harshness with which the government is fighting cigarette smoking.

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  • Do Animals Have Rights?
    August 1985

    Do Animals Have Rights?

    Human beings should be more aware of the feelings of fellow sentient beings. Failure to do so indicates a lack of compassion and sensitivity. But compassion is one thing, animal liberation another.

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