Thomas L. Mammoser

Thomas L. Mammoser is director of corporate communications at Walgreens.

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  • May 1989

    The Restructuring of America

    Restructuring: that's one way the recent wave of take-overs, breakups, and buyouts of major US corporations has been described.

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  • September 1988

    Excellence Revisited

    A flyer plugging yet another "excellence book" hit my "in box" recently— another reminder of the infatuation of American business with the "pursuit of excellence." We passionately love success, just hate second place, and truly disdain failure.

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  • January 1987

    A New Bottom Line

    In his provocative book Ideas Have Consequences, Richard Weaver offered some poignant observations regarding modern times. Western man, he wrote, has fallen prey to a "falsified picture" of the world, characterized by materialism and an egotism which assumes that "man's destiny in the world is not to perfect himself but to lean back in sensual enjoyment."

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