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Thomas L. Ashton is president of Dryads Green Associates, a financial consulting firm. His most recent book is Business and the Politics of Economic Responsibility

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  • August 1990

    What American Business Forgot

    Ever since the Sony story, in the form of Akio Morita's Made in Japan, won a nitch on the best-seller lists, Japanese executives have been turning out memoirs on business success for American audiences.

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  • The Crash of the Greed Machine
    August 1988

    The Crash of the Greed Machine

    The Big Board's 508-point market meltdown was investigated by presidential commission, Congress, the SEC, and the major stock exchanges. Each of these bodies concluded that stocks fell because they were already much too high.

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  • More Money Than God
    January 1987

    More Money Than God

    Once there were three finance firms and then there were none. One was a Ponzi scheme, one a tax fraud, and the last was sold to American Express for $380 million. One CEO is broke and in jail; one is a wealthy fugitive from U.S. justice, living in Switzerland on a Spanish passport; and the third pocketed $23 million of buyout money.

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  • November 1985

    Marxism & Motorcycle Maintenance

    In recent years, critics of culture have given the imagination a one­ way ticket to the left. The Liberal Imagination by Lionel Trilling is fol­lowed by The Radical Imagination by Irving Howe, which is followed in turn by The Sociological Imagination of C. Wright Mills. The imagination, it ap­pears, is on its way to a progressive future.

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  • Dreams of Avarice
    June 1984

    Dreams of Avarice

    Ethics in America, a recent Gallup survey conducted for the Wall Street Journal, finds that business-class marijuana smokers are twice as likely as nonusers to fake illness to avoid work, to overstate their credentials, and to misuse company means for private ends.

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  • Maturing (& Remembering) in Print
    April 1984

    Maturing (& Remembering) in Print

    Achieving self-definition through self-division is a truly impossible mission, but the cordless ego of contemporary liberalism continues to try to repopulate the world with its own image. That the result would be a universe of images reflecting a totalitarian state does not disturb the liberal gestapo.

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Results: 6 Articles found.