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  • October 1994

    PBS Hucksters

    PBS hucksters Biff and Muffy bleated "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" from my TV and radio a couple of weeks back. They're volunteers who run infomercial plead-athons on WTAX (KTAX west of the Mississippi).

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  • The Present Climate

    When Lorena Bobbitt startled her hubby one evening with a knife through his privates—vigorously severing an intimate part of their relationship—a lot of women apparently admired the, uh, statement Lorena made that night.

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  • August 1992

    Society Gone Goofy

    Los Angeles was bopped by debris crumbling loose from twenty-five years of a Great Society gone goofy, or so believe the callers from all over America with whom I talk for three hours on weekday afternoons. These talk-show callers are angry, frightened, and baffled.

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