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Taki Theodoracopulos is a writer living in New York, London, and Gstaad. In addition to his long-running High Life column in The Spectator, Taki writes Under the Black Flag for each number of Chronicles, and publishes Taki’s Magazine, a webzine.

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  • Democracy, Real and Imagined
    January 2022

    Democracy, Real and Imagined

    The surreal misinformation world that the Zuckerbergs and Soroses of this world control is the ultimate tyranny. It represents the victory of evil over good and the end of the greatest civilization ever, that of Christian Europe and America.

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  • Word Games in the NFL
    December 2021

    Word Games in the NFL

    The NFL's phony "values" have it expressing shock when Coach Jon Gruden utters some bad words. Meanwhile it ignores the rampant immorality and degeneracy of its players and entertainers.

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  • Beethoven’s Skin-Tone Poem
    November 2021

    Beethoven’s Skin-Tone Poem

    Beethoven and classical music are just expressions of Western white supremacy. Or, was Beethoven secretly a black man?! In that case, nevermind, he's one of the good guys. Whites, however, better be very careful what they say and do...

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  • Uncle Sam's Obituary
    October 2021

    Uncle Sam's Obituary

    If America survives in its current form, years from now people will wonder how society was enslaved by a minority of privileged people who would surrender and give up their mother at the first sign of an attack.

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  • The Spartans and Simone
    September 2021

    The Spartans and Simone

    Sports people outing themselves as suffering from mental health problems is turning from a trickle into a steady flow. What would the ancient Spartans think of our modern-day athletes?

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