Steven J. Willett

Steven J. Willett teaches at the Shizuoka University of Art and Culture in Hamamatsu City, Japan.

Latest by Steven J. Willett in Chronicles

  • The 11th Commandment
    February 2004

    The 11th Commandment

    The Geography of Thought is an exercise in cultural polarization that makes two basic claims: There are profound cognitive differences between Westerners and Asians; and these differences have maintained themselves with striking continuity for thousands of years.

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  • Only a Madman Laughs at the Culture of Others
    September 2003

    Only a Madman Laughs at the Culture of Others

    We are so used to hearing Herodotus called “the father of history” after Cicero’s clever formula (On the Laws 1.1.5) that it has become common to take him for a credulous old fuddy-duddy whose history is full of amusing and delightful stories spun from a kernel of dubious factual content.

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