Stephen Bodio

Stephen Bodio is the author of The Hounds of Heaven: Living and Hunting with an Ancient Breed (2016: Skyhorse Publishing).

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  • Reimagining a River
    November 1994

    Reimagining a River

    In 1944, a party of German prisoners-of-war escaped from a camp in Phoenix, armed with old maps and with the intention of stealing a boat and sailing to Mexico. When they saw the "pitiful trickle" that is the modern Gila, they began to hike downstream in despair and were soon rounded up.

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  • Airs, Waters, Places
    July 1993

    Airs, Waters, Places

    I might say at the onset that I am usually not a big fan of anthologies, though I have edited one; most end up unwieldy grab bags of vaguely related material.

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  • Das Kowpital
    October 1992

    Das Kowpital

    It's hard to know where to begin to respond to Jeremy Rifkin's apocalyptic new book, Beyond Beef. You could start with Chesterton's famous remark on "believing anything," or some of the paleoconservative ruminations on "Gnosticism."

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  • November 1991

    Ranchwomen, Life, and Literature

    As far as I know, my friend Sissy has never written anything, although she probably reads more widely than most people I know with graduate degrees. She's at first and probably second glance an archetypical ranchwoman.

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  • August 1990

    At the Golden Spur

    It was Saturday, the day before Earth Day in the Golden Spur Bar in Magdalena, and one of our always-informal meetings of DUCA and DUWA was in progress.

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  • Why Souls Fly Away
    February 1988

    Why Souls Fly Away

    Don't ask me, was my first thought. The last parrot I owned was—I swear—killed 10 years ago by an ex-friend who, with Joseph Krutch, believed that hunting was the ultimate evil.

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Results: 6 Articles found.