Stephen L. Tanner

Stephen L. Tanner is a professor of English at Brigham Young University.

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  • June 1985

    In Focus

    Light From the East, Moll and Mouse

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  • Webs of Culture
    February 1985

    Webs of Culture

    The Malec of violence, the Beelzebub of treachery, the Belial of lying flatteries, the Mammon of gold, the Mephis­topheles of skepticism, and others of the Stygian Council escaped through the open gates of hell.

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  • Reality by the Tail
    December 1984

    Reality by the Tail

    Under the guise of serious literary treatment of the social-political problems of her country, she indulges her appetite for faddish philosophical- aesthetic playfulness. It is not a successful mix.

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  • Correspondence
    June 1984


    Returning to Brazil for five months as a Senior Fulbright Lecturer after an absence of seven years, I expected to see considerable change.

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  • Avoiding Questions
    January 1984

    Avoiding Questions

    John W. Aldridge: The American Novel and the Way We Live Now; Oxford University Press; New York. John Gardner: On Becoming A Novelist; Harper & Row; New York.

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Results: 25 Articles found.