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Shehbaz Safrani is a writer and painter based in New York City.

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  • March 1987

    A Peek at Burghley

    William III took one look at Burghley House (the Elizabethan residence of the Cecil family) and declared it "too great for a subject." Four hundred years old in the democratic year of 1986, Burghley is exposing some of it s treasures to the prying eyes of ordinary Americans.

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  • November 1986

    Pleasures of Paestum

    One way to learn patience is to travel by train from Naples to Palermo. The train is excruciatingly slow, and the traveler seldom has a soul to complain to, but the journey is ideal for basking in the picturesque countryside.

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  • May 1986

    Karl Bodmer's America

    To see America through the paintings of Karl Bodmer (1809-93) is a rare experience. Last summer and fall, thousands of Americans shared in this experience by visiting an exhibition of Bodmer's works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

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  • April 1986

    Jeweler to Royalty

    A million dollars for an egg? But of course, not all eggs come from chickens. Malcolm Forbes recently paid $1 million for an "egg" by Faberge at a sale of Russian art at Sotheby's in New York City. The cliche has it that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but why then are the jewels attractive to men?

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  • February 1986

    William Morris in Tokyo

    Mingei: Japanese Folk Art, an exhibition consisting of 115 paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture, lacquers, toys, and other artifacts, opened at the Brooklyn Museum on July 12 and remained on display through September 30, 1985.

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  • January 1986

    The Grandeur of the Getty

    In its setting, landscaping, architecture, and art collection, the J. Paul Getty Museum is unique in America. Outside and inside, the museum is designed to delight and stimulate visitors, especially those devoted to art, aesthetics, archaeology, and history.

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  • December 1985

    The Man Who Loved Birds

    "I drew, I looked upon nature only; my days were happy beyond human conception." John James Audubon, who wrote these words, was born 200 years ago in Les Cayes, Haiti. To this day, he remains unrivaled as the greatest painter of birds, with the possible exception of Edward Lear (1812-1888).

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  • The Celebration of Chagall
    November 1985

    The Celebration of Chagall

    Whimsy—clumsy or fantastic—fills the minds of those viewing the art of Marc Chagall. Two hundred oil paintings, gouaches, etchings, stained glass, and theater designs, chosen for their quality and their significance in the artist's career, drawn from public and private collections throughout the world (including generous loans from the artist's family), were on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from May 12 to July 21.

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  • October 1985

    The Sumptuous Basket

    In New York City there is a room for wonder. Each year, for the past decade and more, the exhibitions held in this small room have left viewers in awe. The extraordinary quality of these shows devoted to the art of China makes a visit to China Institute worthwhile at any time of the year, but particularly during one of its exhibitions.

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  • Art
    August 1985


    Stubbs clearly deserves his belated place with his celebrated contemporaries.

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  • Television
    May 1985


    The television series, The Jewel in the Crown, has touched the public's nerve—not necessarily the raw nerve.

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  • October 1984

    Art: Balthus

    The first extensive survey of Balthus’s work to be held in the United States presented his recurring subject themes.

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