Sergey Berdyaev

Sergey Berdyaev is a journalist who covers the former Soviet Union.

Latest by Sergey Berdyaev in Chronicles

  • Gaines Elites Play
    June 2000

    Gaines Elites Play

    Boris Yeltsin, according to Kremlin sources, was replying to a query from the International Monetary Fund on the expenditure of nearly two billion dollars worth of an IMF "tranche" targeted to stave off impending Russian financial disaster in the summer of 1998.

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  • January 2000

    Banking on Boris—Part II

    The news for both the "Father of Russian Democracy" and his "friend Bill" was equally bad in the second week of September.

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  • December 1999

    Banking on Boris

    On Wednesday, September 1, a homemade bomb exploded on the third level of the Manezh Square underground shopping mall in the heart of Russia's ancient capital, only yards away from the red brick walls of the Kremlin.

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