Scott McConnell

Scott McConnell is a founding editor of TAC.

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  • September 2001

    Beat the Drum

    There are some foreign-policy questions that require all the wisdom America's leaders can summon—and some good luck as well.

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  • Our Demographic Destiny
    April 1999

    Our Demographic Destiny

    If dispassion is the tone best suited for writing about contentious ethnic and demographic issues, this lucid survey of the numbers question across much of the Northern Hemisphere deserves every plaudit.

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  • Ah, Wilderness!
    February 1999

    Ah, Wilderness!

    Having written books on the Balkans (Balkan Ghosts) and the most disorganized parts of Africa (The Ends of the Earth), Robert Kaplan, contributing editor to the Atlantic Monthly, has turned his eye on the western half of North America.

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