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Sarah McCarthy is a freelance writer in Pittsburgh.

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  • August 1997

    The Mood Disorder Clinic

    A poem with a vivid title has started a brouhaha at the Mood Disorder Clinic at Western Psychiatric in Pittsburgh. "Nigger Do Not Speed In My Town" was discovered on a desk by two black employees who reported it to the EEOC as evidence of a racist environment at the Mood Disorder Clinic.

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  • May 1997

    Pizza Politics

    Pittsburgh's Human Relations Commission did the right thing in January in the pizza "redlining" case against Pizza Hut brought by Carl and Shelia Truss.

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  • Black Helicopters and the Morning Militia
    February 1997

    Black Helicopters and the Morning Militia

    People in other cities, said an Army spokesman, don't get their feathers ruffled during midnight helicopter invasions. What is it about Pittsburghers that caused them to pour into the streets in their underwear during recent treetop antiterrorist maneuvers?

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  • January 1997

    White Devils With a Badge

    Jonny Gammage died on the night of October 12, 1995, in front of Frank and Shirley's pancake parlor, just three miles from my home. Jonny was a black man, a cousin and business partner of Pittsburgh Steeler Ray Seals, and he died in the custody of five white suburban policemen who had pulled him over for a minor traffic violation.

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  • July 1995

    The Stuffed Grape Leaf Standard

    Danger lurks everywhere these days, even in five gallon plastic tubs of feta cheese. The containers of feta delivered to our restaurant come embellished with sketches of a baby falling headfirst into a bucket of cheese, which is preserved in liquid, and therefore comes complete with grim warnings of possible drownings in English and Español.

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  • Yahoo Justice
    July 1994

    Yahoo Justice

    The Supreme Court that has recently issued its anti-harassment decision sits in the middle of a city under siege. Justices who have pronounced the nation's employers liable for "permitting a hostile environment" to exist in the workplace cannot walk within two blocks of the Supreme Court building without being confronted with the most hostile of environments.

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  • The Big Chill Generation

    The Big Chill generation came bouncing into town with all of the hoopla you could imagine—bright, in-your-face articulate, self-righteous, and pompous enough to remind us that they were people more likely to be found in bus stations than in airports and that this, in itself, somehow demonstrated their moral superiority.

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  • March 1993

    Guerrillas In Our Midst: The L.A. Riots Remembered

    Grappling with the meaning of the L.A. riots, wondering with Rodney King why we can't get along, I muse about days long ago when I was a terroristette for the women's movement.

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Results: 8 Articles found.