Sanford Pinsker

Sanford Pinsker is Shadek Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Franklin and Marshall College. 

Latest by Sanford Pinsker in Chronicles

  • April 1996

    Colleges Against Christ

    Do Christian sensitivities on college campuses count? Apparently they do not—at least at Franklin and Marshall, where I teach.

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  • September 1995

    Humanities and the Cutting Edge

    There are whole afternoons when a part of me wishes I had paid more attention in Bio 100 because then I might have ended up in cancer research, where being on the cutting edge makes sense.

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  • December 1994

    Affirmative Action and the Lubavitcher Rebbe

    As if it wasn't bad enough that the 92-year-old Menachem Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, died without an heir, or that he sorely disappointed a considerable faction of his most zealous disciples by refusing to cheat death and thus show himself as the Messiah, what followed the traditional seven days of mourning turned out to be far worse.

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