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  • December 1994

    When Mexico Defeated Ireland

    When Mexico defeated Ireland in the July World Cup soccer tournament, some 5,000 "fans" turned Pacific Boulevard in Huntington Park, California, into a riot zone. Radical politics, not sports, lay at the heart of the riot.

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  • December 1993

    Notes From the Immigration Front

    Proof that we are no longer a country of red-blooded Americans who brook no interference from any foreign country was the news report of a March 8, 1993, "hearing" held at Fort Mason, California, to collect testimony from "immigrant" (translate, "illegal alien") women claiming to be the victims of everything from rape to inadequate wages.

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  • February 1993

    Closing the Barn Door

    Ethnic groups were reportedly highly successful in registering new voters in the months before the 1992 national election.

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