Russell Gordon

Russell Gordon is a journalist and photographer based in Mexico City.

Latest by Russell Gordon in Chronicles

  • No Tears for Argentina
    March 2002

    No Tears for Argentina

    As Argentina slides into the economic abyss after defaulting on its $155-billion public debt, a brief glimpse into Argentine history reveals clear historical precedents.

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  • March 1998

    The Other Side of Peace

    There is a belief among the peoples of the Balkans that war on the peninsula is cyclical and inevitable. Peace has been the exception at this crossroads of foreign interests, and the present hiatus will end—soon—if the current "peace process" continues.

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  • The Media War in the Balkans
    August 1996

    The Media War in the Balkans

    Members of the international press corps, particularly photojournalists, often define themselves as "objective observers," not participants or instruments in a conflict, just witnesses. But as the events in the Balkans have shown, this has not always been the case.

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