Russell Desmond

Russell Desmond writes from New Orleans.

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  • Six Months After Katrina
    June 2006

    Six Months After Katrina

    Sitting at Mass in St. Theresa’s Church on Camp Street in New Orleans some six months after Hurricane Katrina, my eyes rise naturally above the altar. There, I see a large, ugly panel of various sheets of plywood and two-by-fours filling the vast hole where the fine old stained glass depicting an incident in the saint’s life once was, before it was blown out during the storm.

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  • October 1987

    Francophobia on the Right

    Several years ago in Paris I was surprised to find young pamphleteers outside the Hotel de Ville (or "Chateau Chirac" as an acquaintance would say) shouting out, "Down with the bearded, sold-out socialists!"

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