Ronald Berman

Ronald Berman is the author of several books, including Translating Modernism: Fitzgerald and HemingwayFitzgerald's Mentors: Edmund Wilson, H. L. Mencken, and Gerald Murphy, and many others.

Latest by Ronald Berman in Chronicles

  • Pleasant Words & Ugly Books
    August 1986

    Pleasant Words & Ugly Books

    English must be kept up. It rarely is. But what a splendid collection of offenses against it is in D.J. Enright's book of euphemism. Those who delight in the instructions for Japanese small appliances will here encounter the ultimate in linguistic self-destruction.

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  • The Critical Temper
    January 1985

    The Critical Temper

    William Hazlitt was born in 1778 and became, in his short and argumentative life, one of the best of the Romantic critics. Coleridge was more intelligent, but did not cover nearly as great an area.

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  • Pop Biography
    July 1984

    Pop Biography

    "The Enthusiast: A Life of Thornton Wilder" shouldn't be ignored, but one ought to be aware of its limits and shortcomings.

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  • Dark Contract
    December 1983

    Dark Contract

    There is a difference between biography plain and simple and a critical life. Bruccoli writes critical lives.

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