Robert D. Hickson

Robert D. Hickson was a professor of strategic and cultural studies and national security at the Joint Special Operations University, U.S. Special Operations Command.

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  • March 2010

    Don Quixote at West Point

    A recent incident at West Point involving my wife and our little daughter has given us much to ponder. The initial responses, and later silences, of the military authorities were both surprising and perplexing.

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  • When Incarnation Is Considered Idolatry
    December 2006

    When Incarnation Is Considered Idolatry

    In 1917, one year before his courageous brother, Cecil, died in France, Chesterton published A Short History of England. It was written in response to “a sort of challenge,” and he calls it, with characteristic modesty, merely “a popular essay in English history.”

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  • September 2006

    Nation-Building and the U.S. Military

    America’s Role in Nation-Building: From Germany to Iraq is the title of a 240-page strategic and historical study released in July 2003, four months after we invaded Iraq, by the RAND Corporation, an influential national-security institute that originally conducted special research for the U.S. Air Force.

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  • America’s Unthinking Military
    January 2005

    America’s Unthinking Military

    It was in the autumn of 1960, after our Plebe Summer and the test of “Beast Barracks,” that I first heard about the revisions that the West Point academic curriculum had recently undergone, which would be experimentally applied to our incoming class of some 800 men.

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  • April 2002

    Knowing What We Don’t Know

    Before publishing his essay “The Lonely Superpower” (Foreign Affairs, 1999), Samuel Huntington had spoken more candidly in an address to the American Enterprise Institute in May 1998.

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  • December 1998

    Revolution and Natural Law

    To what extent (if at all) does natural law entail religious liberty? To put it another way, is religious liberty a natural right? An attempt to answer this question should elucidate the long and sometimes equivocal tradition of natural law.

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Results: 6 Articles found.