Robert Berman

Robert Berman writes from New York City.

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  • September 1998

    The Asphalt League

    In his 1942 swan song, The New Leviathan, dying British philosopher-historian R.G. Collingwood called the life of the mind "a magic journey." Remarkably free of illusions regarding the life of the university, however, Collingwood argued for "domesticating" professors, rather than being subject to them.

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  • September 1997

    The Elite of El Bronx

    The Hispanic elite have decided that the best way to control the lives of millions of Latin immigrants and illegal aliens flooding into America's cities is to prevent them from learning English.

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  • April 1987

    Mistress of Deceit

    Oxford University Press advertises its Past Master series (of which this book is one) as being "a noble encyclopaedia of the history of ideas" in which "lucid and authoritative" modern critics introduce us to the best of what has been thought and written.

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  • Yeats: A Second Coming
    December 1984

    Yeats: A Second Coming

    It's hard to deal with a writer of this magnitude in a review — perhaps one can only say that this fine edition reminds us now of how accessible Yeats is.

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