Congressman Robert L. Dorman

Robert L. Dorman is the author of Myths and Mysteries of Oklahoma: True Stories Of The Unsolved And Unexplained.

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  • The Significance of the Region in American History
    August 1995

    The Significance of the Region in American History

    During the early 1920's, 30 years after he had written his famous essay on the significance of the frontier in the nation's history, the great American historian Frederick Jackson Turner published two other works on the democratizing role of what he termed the "section."

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  • August 1995

    The Suppression of Public Virtue

    Our American government was founded on the ideal of res publia, the republic. History is filled with earnest attempts to create this ideal—Athens, Sparta, Rome—all of which served America's founders as the intellectual backdrop for a true new world order.

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