Robert G. Holland

Robert G. Holland is a columnist and op-ed editor for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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  • September 1993

    Outcome-Based Education

    Outcome-Based Education, which has been around awhile under other names, has gradually become Big Education's main answer to the chorus of cries for "reform" that followed the Department of Education's publication of the A Nation at Risk report ten years ago. Its bland label is frightfully misleading.

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  • January 1993

    "Banding" Together

    Race-norming's likeliest successor is something called "banding." If you see references to a "diversity-based sliding band," do not expect to encounter something as agreeable as a Dixieland ensemble.

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  • February 1992

    Dirty Secrets: Race-Norming Lives On

    A year after the nasty secret got out of how race-norming works on the nation's most widely used job test, the establishment news herd suddenly discovered the story. There were spots on NBC Nightly News and the Today Show, a front-page story in the Washington Post, an editorial in the New York Times, and a piece by me in these very pages.

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  • Gerrymandering

    Washington's gerrymandering of job seekers' test scores to comport with egalitarian fantasy has given us a glimpse of the testing center of the future. On university campuses, the proctors will be apostles of Political Correctness.

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