Robert F. Geary

Robert F. Geary is head of the English department at James Madison University. 

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  • January 1987

    The Right Kind of Spy

    In these two recent spy thrillers, William F. Buckley's CIA-trained alter ego makes his sixth and seventh appearances in a decade to play a winning hand in the high-stakes intrigue surrounding crucial moments in the Cold War.

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  • Boredom, Sex, and Murder
    October 1985

    Boredom, Sex, and Murder

    Cracks are appearing in the idol of high culture fabricated by the Victorians. Matthew Arnold eloquently expressed the vision of the educated person who joins moral commitment with breadth of vision and transcends the narrowness of religion and the shallowness of pure aestheticism.

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  • August 1985

    Paranoia as Prudence

    Edith Efron's purpose is not to decide scientific controversies, but to inform us of the intense disputes hid­den by regulatory officials.

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  • Trivial Spirits
    February 1985

    Trivial Spirits

    Signs of massive political fatuity abound.

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  • Horrors in the Age of Disbelief
    June 1984

    Horrors in the Age of Disbelief

    If it is true that popular literature, in however unexamined a fashion, em­bodies many of the presuppositions of an age, then the last decade and a half's spate of supernatural shockers raises some intriguing questions.

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  • February 1984

    Beyond the Public View

    Konwicki’s novel should bring to mind the difference between the self-indulgent, masochistic imaginings that make men cry for the release of catastrophe.

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Results: 6 Articles found.