Robert C. Whitten

Robert C. Whitten is a commander, U.S. Naval Reserve-Retired, a national director of Navy League of the United States, and a research scientist, NASA-Retired.

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  • Post Mortem
    December 1995

    Post Mortem

    In Senate hearings in 1991, General Al Gray, the Marine Gorps Commandant, was asked to describe the role of the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1987 mandating "jointness," or the operational integration of the Armed Forces, in the Persian Gulf War. He answered that it had played no role.

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  • December 1994

    Spirituality and the Russian Armed Forces

    The once-mighty Russian Army is in a state of disarray. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, it lost much of its substance and all of its moral bearings. So far, nothing has replaced the latter.

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  • July 1994

    Perception and Truth: The Tailhook Debacle

    The September 1991 Tailhook scandal has done more damage to the United States Navy than Admiral Sergei Gorshkov and his Soviet fleet had ever hoped to do. Although military law appears to have been violated, the escapade itself was worse than criminal—it was stupid!

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  • August 1993

    Change and Its Consequences

    Last October I journeyed to Moscow by invitation for a conference on conversion from military to civilian production.

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