Richard Staar

Richard Staar (1923-2018) was an American political scientist and historian. He held a position of senior fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. His areas of specialization included Russia and East-Central Europe (former Soviet Union, post-Soviet states and the Eastern Bloc), military strategy, national security, arms control, and public diplomacy. He was an author of numerous books and articles.

Latest by Richard Staar in Chronicles

  • Soviet Nuclear War Policies
    October 1988

    Soviet Nuclear War Policies

    Americans are perennially tempted to believe that Soviet armament is a reaction to American armament, and therefore reversible by American disarmament. For years we allowed that hope to guide our military policy: beginning in the late 1960's, the United States exercised unilateral restraint in nuclear construction for more than a decade.

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  • September 1985

    The Big Guns Sound Off

    The Health Sciences auditorium at Emory University was the scene last April of a two-day discussion, presided over by two former chief executives of the United States: Jimmy Carter and Gerald R. Ford.

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  • East-West Talks in Vienna
    May 1985

    East-West Talks in Vienna

    The title of these reminiscences avoids the word "negotiations," because the latter implies some form of compromise.

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