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Richard Kostelanetz is an American artist, author, and critic.

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  • August 1987

    Letter From Calexico Report From California's Berlin

    Calexico is a North American town of roughly 16,000 situated directly on the Mexican border, 120 miles southeast of San Diego, in the warm and sunny Imperial Valley, where agriculture will always be the most abundant business; but Calexico differs from other towns along that extended border in being the suburb of a Mexican city, Mexicali, with its population of nearly a million.

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  • April 1987

    Ask Dr. Grants

    How do I get a grant? You first must get an application. Forget about those grants for which you cannot apply, such as MacArthur Fellowships, which are essentially designed for people already known, which is to say celebrities, or incipient celebrities.

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  • February 1987

    "I Keek It, I Vin It"

    Two decades ago, the general managers of professional football teams discovered that the highly specialized jobs of placekicking could be done by sometime soccer players, most of them born and raised abroad.

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  • April 1986

    The Herd of Independent Minds

    Behind Stephen Berg's Singular Voices, a new anthology of contemporary native poets writing about their own work, is the voice-theory of poetry, which holds that a poet is valuable not for his perception, his language, his formal skill or inventive intelligence, but the uniqueness of whatever "voice" is heard on the page.

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  • January 1986

    The Truest Polyartist

    It need hardly be said again that Laszlo Moholy-Nagy was one of Modernism's primary figures, whose art, writing, and life remain for many a continuing inspiration.

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  • Comment: Subversion at the NEH?
    January 1985

    Comment: Subversion at the NEH?

    It seems that the NEH has a very particular concept of how a documentary film should be made. Once a filmmaker has an idea, he should gather around him a group of scholars who advise him from the beginning, who observe him closely through every step of the production, and who approve the final result;for this work,the academic advisors should be paid a consultant's wage. Tue model behind these requirements appears to be that of scholarly popularization. The NEH insists there is no other way.

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Results: 6 Articles found.