Richard S. Wheeler

Richard S. Wheeler is an American author and former newspaper editor. He is best known for his novels set in the American West, including the "Barnaby Skye" series.

Latest by Richard S. Wheeler in Chronicles

  • November 1991

    Notes From a Writer of Trash

    The most important datum about Western fiction is that it is at the absolute bottom of the literary heap, somewhere below pornography. English professors would cavil at calling Westerns literature; they prefer to categorize Westerns as subliterature, or entertainment.

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  • Writing Offbeat Westerns
    August 1991

    Writing Offbeat Westerns

    The Western novel has always been hedged about with more conventions than any other category, with the possible exception of women's romances. I've often puzzled about why that is so, and even after years of thinking about it, I don't have any good answers.

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