Raymond J. Pentzell

Raymond J. Pentzell is professor of theater arts and chairman of the divi­sion of humanities at Hillsdale College. 

Latest by Raymond J. Pentzell in Chronicles

  • November 1986

    Modernism's Stage Debut

    For the critic, the sad inevitabilities are death and taxonomy. He cannot avoid genres, isms, and zeitgeists, unless he wants the past to be unintelligible and the present to seem as random and strung out as an evening of "performance art."

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  • June 1986

    Stage Props & Program Notes

    Eugene O'Neill's life was a purgatory, as he never ceased informing us. His final plays, those written or revised from 1939 on, leave us with a vision of him plodding at last toward the top of that inverted mountain, the man emerging from his lifelong torments and the artist from his befuddlements.

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  • April 1986

    Old Changelings and New Mutants

    To focus some thoughts on current trends in American theatrical style—as distinct from play writing—it may help to use a telescoping lens to zero in on a classic play, not itself American.

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