Ray Lowry

Ray Lowry teaches at a primary school on the island of Roatan in Honduras.

Latest by Ray Lowry in Chronicles

  • February 1996

    Lawless Roads

    It is 10:00 P.M. as you step off the Greyhound bus in Laredo, Texas. By all rights you should feel exhausted after your 36-hour ride from Minneapolis. But the truth is, you feel pretty good.

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  • September 1994

    Caribbean Vacation

    Christmas was approaching, and I was getting homesick. I'd been in honduras for a year and a half, teaching school for peanuts at a small, bilingual parochial school in Puerto Cortés. Ok, ok. I was teaching school for lempiras, not for peanuts.

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  • January 1994

    Signs of the Sandinistas

    The mural is old and faded, a reminder of headier days when the world looked ripe for violent revolution. Three years of neglect, the effects of a tropical climate, and petty vandalism have combined to give the mural its present appearance of a long-forgotten billboard along some abandoned stretch of rural highway.

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