Rashid is currently a graduate student at a university in America. He asked that we not print his full name.

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  • Religious Discrimination, Real and Imagined
    November 2019

    Religious Discrimination, Real and Imagined

    As I was scrolling the news one August day, my attention was drawn to an article recounting the story of a woman wearing a niqab who was ejected from a bus in the Netherlands, a country that enacted a partial ban on the full veil. The prohibition mitigates security fears in places where concealed identity is consequential to the safety of others. Angela Kempeners rode the bus in her normal niqab thrice before this incident; three times, the drivers allowed her to get on the bus. But the fourth time, the driver didn’t. She compares this incident to being “a black person in the USA.” Whether one agrees with that assessment or not, her experience of discrimination nonetheless falls in comparison to what I had to endure in the country holding her faith’s holiest city, Saudi Arabia.

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