Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw is the author of Recovering American Literature.

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  • The Secret History of the Feminist Movement
    May 1995

    The Secret History of the Feminist Movement

    The words I am about to set down will answer one of the great mysteries of the feminist movement: How can it be that after nearly 30 years of triumphs by feminism, the condition of women is unmistakably worse than it was before all the agitation commenced?

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  • A Solution to Crime
    January 1995

    A Solution to Crime

    Frankly, we were skeptical when first contacted by Peter Shaw, Ph.D., a genial, tweedy, professorial type carrying a somewhat foxed and dog-eared manuscript boldly titled "My System." It outlined, he claimed, a comprehensive solution to the leading social problems of our era.

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  • November 1989

    Public Restroom Equality Law

    The New York State public restroom equality law, popularly being referred to as "the potty parity act," is no laughing matter. Rather, it takes away gains achieved by men in their long struggle, starting with the establishment of the first public restroom, to receive some degree of compensation for past inequities.

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