Paul Likoudis

Paul Likoudis is news editor for The Wanderer, the national Catholic weekly founded in October 1867.

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  • To Catch a Terrorist

    Today, civil libertarians of the right and the left deplore the growing Police State; they object to the fact that citizens can be arrested, tasered, and detained without cause; that their phone calls, e-mails, and other private communications, as well as their travel, can be monitored; that citizens must exercise prior restraint on their very thoughts.

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  • Endorsing Torture

    Alberto Gonzales’s nomination as attorney general by President George W. Bush makes official what has long been hidden and/or denied: The United States, contrary to her public professions and signed treaties, endorses and uses torture.

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  • February 1997

    Killer Hedges

    Sometimes it takes distance and time passed before we can look back and laugh at the situations that take place in our lives, but Tom Fleming's run-in with the busybodies in his hometown who objected to his bushes made me laugh, because my wife and I had a similar encounter.

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