Paul Lake

Paul Lake’s most recent collection of poetry is Walking Backward. He teaches at Arkansas Tech.

Latest by Paul Lake in Chronicles

  • Words Like Quartz
    May 2002

    Words Like Quartz

    If even a rough correspondence between poetic accomplishment and public reputation existed in America today, R.S. Gwynn would be one of our most widely read and highly honored poets.

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  • May 2001

    A Confederacy of Dunces

    The death of a social movement is an instructive and sobering phenomenon. After years of greatness and influence, an idea eventually sickens and dies, until its adherents are reduced to a pathetic handful.

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  • Frederick Turner and the Rebirth of Literature
    June 1995

    Frederick Turner and the Rebirth of Literature

    The breach that opened between the serious and popular arts during the early years of this century has so widened over subsequent decades that the current "postmodern" era is characterized by a kind of cultural schizophrenia.

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