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Paul Hollander is the author of From Benito Mussolini to Hugo Chavez: Intellectuals and a Century of Political Hero Worship.

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  • The Self-Same Beast
    November 1993

    The Self-Same Beast

    The collapse of communist systems has not eliminated the need for a better understanding of the impact they had and how and why they persisted.

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  • Great Escapists
    August 1992

    Great Escapists

    While M. Revel's critique of Western leftists and fellow travelers is fully shared by me, I part company with him when it comes to the issue of the durability of communist systems.

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  • Wonders of the World
    July 1991

    Wonders of the World

    Who would have predicted that while socialist-realist art forms disappeared from most communist systems (even before the systems themselves collapsed), didactic and politicized movies and other products of mass culture would proliferate in the United States through the 1970's and 80's?

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  • An End to the Political Pilgrimage?
    June 1989

    An End to the Political Pilgrimage?

    Are political pilgrimages a matter of history, or has the phenomenon survived? If so, in what form? Some reference to these questions has been made in the preface to the (1983) paperback edition of my book Political Pilgrims, but the years that have passed since then call for further reflections on this matter.

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  • Lame Hands of Socialist Faith
    August 1986

    Lame Hands of Socialist Faith

    For numerous well-known Western intellectuals, capitalism versus socialism remains the great dilemma, the principal philosophical and institutional alternative of our times. It is far from self-evident why this should be the case. Why not political pluralism as opposed to regimentation?

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  • Marxism and Its Guardian
    November 1985

    Marxism and Its Guardian

    Inequality under socialism—or under putative socialism—remains largely unknown and barely under­ stood in the West even by the educated public. If by now the political practices of countries insisting on being called socialist (sometimes even democratic) are better grasped, the same cannot be said about their socioeconomic arrangements.

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  • European Anti-Americanism: Nothing New on the Western Front
Results: 7 Articles found.