Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth

Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth was assistant director of The Rockford Institute Center on Religion & Society.

Latest by Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth in Chronicles

  • June 1988

    An Unpeaceable Kingdom

    It was one of those Saturday nights that spills over into Sunday morning. Invited into the home of a main-line Protestant couple in split-level northern New Jersey, the 40ish group was made up of Jews and Roman Catholics from the neighborhood and of visiting Southern Baptists from Texas.

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  • August 1987

    The World According to St. Mugg

    If we are to believe today's pundits—an awfully big "if"—there are many global crises threatening the 20th century. Nuclear weapons and overpopulation currently top the list. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems that there are only two available responses.

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